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Taiwanese food is a simple, rustic cuisine which makes the best use of the most naturally abundant ingredients. Two basic influences have driven the development of Taiwanese cuisine: the unique geography of Taiwan, and the international influences.

Taiwanese cuisine on the whole tends to be less spicy than Sichuan in the west of China but more spicy than food from North. Less salt and light oil to be used on all of cooking methods, and it is healthy. The ingredients are prepared once then served, unlike the more elaborate Shanghai or Cantonese cuisines, which often require several preparatory steps and recombinations, before the final dish emerges.

In the past few years, the scarcity of natural resources has made for hard living on the island. Sweet potatoes or taro roots had to be used as a supplement making soupy rice in order to fill everyone's bowl. This "congee" with root vegetables is a classic Taiwanese dish. As the Taiwanese had to make do with very little, they showed remarkable creativity when it came to cuisine.

Today, Taiwanese cuisine is going to be developed in Boston. Mr. Hua, the chief of Mulan Taiwanese Restaurant will show Taiwanese food to all the people here to understand essence of food. He and his colleagues are ready to provide highly value food and better service, in order to see everyone's happy face after eating and enjoying in it.

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